STAHL Großküchen at the Internorga

In time for the 50th company anniversary, STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur is showcasing itself for the first time with its own stand at the Internorga. The company is renowned for its individual made-to-measure solutions in the field of cooking, kitchen and counters.

From 17 to 21 March 2017, in Hall A3 at Stand 516, visitors can witness for themselves the excellent build quality and benefit from the technical knowledge the company offers. In Hamburg, the specialists at STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur will show you the wide range of their craftsmanship – from the unique cooking block, the counter construction with different material to the premium quality cooling furniture as well as a complete wall system constructed from hygienic stainless steel panels.

A star chef is giving insights

On Sunday 19 March 2017 at 15:00, star chef Johann Lafer (Stromburg) is giving insights into his personal experience with his 20-year old STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur kitchen. This special guest will be only too happy to answer your questions.

High-performance craftsmanship and completely “Made in Germany”

The exhibits at the stand will show visitors exactly how high-performance craftsmanship and technical knowledge go hand-in-hand. On the purpose-designed cooking block, special welding techniques and the integrated special cooling system of the hygienic design H2 will be presented. The exhibited counters impress with their skillful usage of various materials including stainless steel; stone (both real and synthetic), glass, wood and HIMACS®. Individually produced cooling systems manufactured from a captivating 100% chrome-nickel-stone are featured with fully welded doors and the flush-mounted welded saladette counter. A particular innovation is the modular 2 of 3 wall system comprising hygienic, easy to clean stainless steel panels. With this system, walls and complete rooms can be constructed, which meet the highest hygiene requirements.

Manufacture with passion

The specialists at STAHL have been designing and producing high quality industry kitchens, canteens and stove systems, counters, vitrines and refrigeration units for 50 years. The customer is our highest priority and our experience is based on a bespoke approach to customers’ demands and requirements. In the city of Markt Einersheim (near Würzburg), in a 6,000 sqm production area, ideas become reality. Supported by a modern and highly flexible machine park, 75 specialists with their skilled craftsmanship and competence stand for a premium end product. In this way, nearly every single piece that leaves the STAHL Großküchen-Manufaktur is a unique design. The performance range includes the design, measurement, visualization (CAD); complete manufacture at one location in the city of Markt Einersheim, quality control, delivery, fitting, maintenance, reconstruction, extension, service and spare parts.

Like Phoenix from the ashes

STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur has always stood for the highest standards of quality and a rock solid adherence to delivery dates. However, in the first years of the new century, the company struggled with economic issues which almost prompted the renowned, traditional manufacturers to discontinue their business. In September 2014, the company was taken over by the Hohnhaus&Jansenberger Gruppe (based in Munich) which had recognized the company’s potential and capability. Since then, a management policy of clear targets and concentrating on core strength performance has in just two years, succeeded in awakening the company from its deep sleep. With expedient investments in personnel and technology, STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur today presents itself as an enduring partner providing premium quality and sophisticated bespoke solutions for kitchens and counter systems allowing cooks, chefs and caterers to thrive.


SG Stahl Großküchen GmbH
Mr. Martin Link, Managing Director