Modern and flexible tube machining technology from the city of Rastatt

With a new Tube 7000 tube laser machine made by Trumpf, Stahl Metall und Medizintechnik GmbH (Rastatt) is able to extend is technological range.

With the high performance tube laser technology, tubes and profiles with a diameter of 254 mm and wall thickness of up to 4 mm can be cut from stainless steel. The company from Rastatt has invested about 1.2 m euros in the new machine. “With the new machine, we can process new production components with particularly more care, much quicker and with a constantly high quality”, said production manager Hans-Peter Müller who is delighted with the new purchase.

The two managing directors Dr. Wolfgang Hohnhaus and Christian Keller explain: “With this investment, we will be able to comply with our customers’ wishes more efficiently. At the same time we are strengthening the location in Rastatt and thus contributing to the long-term security of work places”.

he owner-led medium-sized company Stahl Metall und Medizintechnik specializes in the development and production of stainless steel components and contract manufacturing complete assemblies. Our customers mainly come from the area of medical technology, clean room technology and the food and pharmaceutical industries. With a clear commitment to quality coming from Germany and high precision and reliability from a committed team, the company is aiming at becoming the biggest factory processing stainless steel in Germany.

The tube laser machine Tube 7000 made by Trumpf is going to complement the range of products at the Rastatt company Stahl Metall und Medizintechnik. © Trumpf, pictures available on request.

Medizintechnik offers the highest precision when laser cutting with the new tube laser machine Tube 7000 made by Trumpf. © Trumpf, pictures available on request.

The development and production of stainless steel components and contract manuacturing are part of the product range of Stahl Metall und Medizintech located in Rastatt. © STAHL Metall und Medizintechnik, pictures available on request.

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