First appearance of STAHL HRS at MEDICA.

For the first time, STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH (Ötigheim/Rastatt) will be represented at MEDICA. The company, founded in 2016, is the result of a spin-off from the Maquet Group after acquisition by the Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group (Munich). The specialist in modular rooms will present their new room system at MEDICA, with walls, doors and ceilings, in Building 13 on Booth A22. STAHL HRS shares a location and the motto “we care” with its sister company medifa GmbH & Co. KG, also a part of the Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group and a specialist in operating tables with accessories, examination and treatment chairs and medical functional furniture.

100% in-house manufacturing in Germany: a modular wall, door and ceiling system for turnkey operating rooms.

The modular wall, door and ceiling system of STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH (STAHL HRS) allows custom planning of everything from turnkey operating rooms to intensive wards to the sterilisation of entire rooms. STAHL HRS supports customers throughout the process, from planning to commissioning, even handling the integration of the accessories needed such as cabinets, screens, ventilation elements, room lighting and medical equipment. By managing end-to-end interface clarification with suppliers, STAHL HRS ensures that customers can rely on perfect integration and frictionless processes.

All walls, doors and ceilings in the system are fabricated in-house at a single location in Germany – quality 100% Made in Germany. In this effort, STAHL HRS can rely on the direct support of the entire group, with a manufacturing capacity of about 250 employees and some 30,000 square metres of production area. The service spectrum of STAHL HRS ranges from planning (Revit) and interface clarification with accessory suppliers, design and fabrication to turnkey installation by a dedicated installation team.

“For us, the needs of the customers and their satisfaction are our number one priority. We do not only sell a first-class product – the service concept is also front and centre for us. Our customers can always feel themselves to be in the best of hands, from initial consultation to commissioning,” says Matthias Ritschel, managing director of STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH while explaining the company’s philosophy.

The STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH room system

Germ-free without compromise. With the system of STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH (STAHL HRS), complete, fully hygienic rooms can be built in no time and reconfigured as needed. The system adapts flexibly to changing requirements, so modifications and expansions can be carried out quickly and simply.

The self-supporting substructure makes it possible to install the interior electrical, sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems even during the construction phase. The smooth interplay of all of the installation teams saves time and ensures rapid project progress.

The STAHL HRS room system can withstand over- or under pressure situations. The elements form a sealed unit with no mould-susceptible silicone joints. The flush-mounted integration of devices makes cleaning easy even when hygienic requirements are strict. The walls and ceilings of the STAHL HRS room system are resistant to the cleaning agents and disinfectants usually used in hospitals. Upon request, the elements can also be given antibacterial coatings.

The variety of design options allows the implementation of attractive room concepts: flush-mounted glass elements, custom digital printouts, colour powder coating or LED lighting effects harmonise design and colour.

STAHL HRS – a young company with a long tradition.

STAHL Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH has officially existed only since 2016, but has a rich corporate history going back nearly 90 years. STAHL HRS goes back to a company in steel machining specialised in the design and implementation of modular rooms since the mid-60’s (most recently, Maquet variable operating rooms). In 2015, this division was acquired by the Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group (Munich), and spun off as an independent company in GmbH form in 2016.

Since then, the production of full-hygiene rooms for hospitals and for industrial kitchens and restaurants has taken place under new management. The spectrum of services ranges from consulting and planning to engineering and production and to installation and services from a single source.


The modular room system of Stahl Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH (Ötigheim), manufactured in-house, lets you plan and install complete hygienic rooms, quickly and flexibly. The company offers a complete spectrum of services from planning (Revit), design, fabrication and installation to interface clarification with accessory suppliers.

The modular hygiene system from Stahl Hygienic Room Solutions GmbH (Ötigheim) is attractive due to its perfectly coordinated walls, doors and ceilings. A robust design, easy-to-clean surfaces and top-quality materials ensure optimum hygiene and an extremely long working life.