Three Michelin stars in heaven

What can you write about someone who was a superlative in the area of gastronomy? Who for decades inspired generations of chefs by showing them what it takes to be motivated every single day and to have the ongoing and full conviction to do exactly what you love.

How do you talk about a person who for his entire life displayed his unique talent, organisational skills, heartfelt cordiality and wonderful hospitality to the outside world while always remaining down-to-earth and never forgetting his roots.

What can you say about someone who – like no other – through infinite devotion and trust turned his craft into art.

We bow to your abilities and achievements and find the best we could ever say is

“Merci, Paul Bocuse”

Thank you for the many joyful moments that you afforded so many people. It has been an honour for us to provide some of the tools for your lifetime achievements and to get to know you personally in so many wonderful moments. We are certain that – wherever you may be – your words continue to ring out:

The kitchen must shine!”

Picture: With full engagement and cordiality, Paul Bocuse (middle) 1993 during the installation of elements in his main kitchen together with  Hans Stahl (founder of STAHL Grossküchen Manufaktur on the left) und Alfred Adam (valued employee since 1983 and to this day, on the right).

We at STAHL are honoured to have produced key elements of five kitchens of Paul Bocuse during the 1990s. His inspiration remains with us until today.