Our values

„It’s not the capital that defines the value of a business it’s the spirit within.“ (C. Dornier)

The interaction between people determines the success of entrepreneurial activities. This means to gain and maintain trust. For us at Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group trust is the base for our future.

With responsibility into future

For us, long term thinking and responsible behaviour are essential for a lasting economic success. The key focus is people, as business is made between people not companies.

We know that our employees are the foundation of our success. We are aware of our social responsibility for creating and maintaining jobs. Training and development of our specialists is one of our main priorities.


We are not only committed to ourselves.

Those who are in the fortunate position to be strong should support the weak: Hohnhaus & Jansenberger Group supports the non-profit organization “Kinder ohne Hunger e.V.” with the goal of constantly improving the nutrition and thus the opportunities of disadvantaged children.

„If you save one life, you safe the whole world.“